• 06 OCT 14
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    October is Mental Health Month




    Mental Health Month is a national mental health promotion campaign held throughout October each year, with a focus on raising awareness of mental health issues around World Mental Health Day on October 10. If you are someone who has struggled with a mental health problem, or if you have supported a family member of friend through mental health problems, this your opportunity to raise awareness, combat ignorance and stigma, and help others feel that they are not alone. For more information about events during Mental Health Month, and helpful resources go to The Mental Health Association of NSW website www.mentalhealth.asn.au/programs/mental-health-month-nsw.

    To support Mental Health Week (5-12 October), the ABC is going “Mental As…”. To donate to mental health research or to find out more about the programs that will be airing this week go to www.abc.net.au/mentalas/.


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