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    How stressed are Australian adults?

    How stressed are Australian adults?

    Findings of the Australian Psychological Society’s “Stress and Wellbeing in Australia Survey 2014”

    Last week was National Psychology Week, and as they have since 2011 the Australian Psychology Society commissioned a “state-of-the-nation” survey looking at levels of stress and wellbeing amongst Australian adults.

    The good news is that our overall level of wellbeing has slightly improved compared with last year, and levels of stress were significantly lower than in 2013 (although still higher than 2012 and 2011 levels). The bad news  is that depression and anxiety symptoms have not improved since last year and are still significantly higher than the first time the survey was conducted in 2011.

    So, what are the main causes of stress? It probably won’t surprise you that financial issues and family issues are the leading causes of stress amongst Australians. Issues around health are also rated frequently as a source of stress, and more than one in five Australians reported that mental health issues were a source of stress.

    Unfortunately, high stress levels come at a cost, and just over 7 in 10 Australians reported that current stress was having at least some impact on their physical health. Almost 2 in 3 Australians reported that current stress was having at least some impact on their mental health.

    So what can you do if stress is impacting on your life?

    Look at this short Stress Tips Video for some quick tips on how to manage stress, and go to www.psychology.org.au/NPW/stresstips for more information.

    Remember that you can always call us on (02) 8207 9541 to find out how I can help you manage stress more effectively using proven psychological strategies.

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